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Zoltan Video Productions, under the leadership of Zoltan Redl Nagy, strives to provide exceptional videography services in Las Vegas and worldwide. Our passion lies in capturing the most memorable moments of your special events through the lens of our cameras. We specialize in wedding and event videography and cinematography services, and we’re committed to making your every moment count.  

Are you ready to capture the memories of your special day uniquely and beautifully? Let’s explore the five most popular wedding videography styles that will make your wedding video a masterpiece. Each option has charm, from the authentic storytelling of documentary style to the timeless elegance of traditional style. And with the right choice, you can relive your magical moments for years. Let’s dive in and discover the perfect videography style for your wedding!


A documentary-style videographer takes a hands-off approach, capturing the natural and unscripted moments as they happen. Their work is a behind-the-scenes look at your day, often featuring moments you and your partner may have missed. This videography style can provide a unique and authentic perspective, like a home video of your wedding weekend. It’s essential to remember that this approach may not be suitable for those who prefer a highly curated and polished video. Still, a documentary-style film can inspire those who want a genuine representation of their special day.


Zoltan believes that “cinematic video” is not just a term but a concept that can inspire and captivate viewers. With a cinematic videographer’s expertise, you can expect a film with a purposeful, curated, and breathtaking quality, leaving you feeling like you’re watching a movie. The cinematic edit includes:

  • The perfect blend of music.
  • Audio of speeches and toasts from the reception.
  • The couple’s wedding and relationship story.

Zoltan ensures that their films are designed to match the vibe of their clients’ weddings, making every moment special.

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