Zoltan Video Productions


Zoltan Redl-Nagy is an exceptional multimedia artist specializing in destination videography and cinematography. His extensive artistic training and years of experience have allowed him to hone his talent and skills finely. Zoltan is a true artist at heart, with a passion for new media that has led him to discover the beauty of cinematography and photography. Zoltan’s dedication to his craft is unwavering, and he is committed to expanding the diversity of his artistic path. He has traveled extensively throughout Europe and the United States and now calls Las Vegas his home base. Zoltan has a unique ability to capture the magic of life’s most memorable moments, creating stunning visual storytelling that is both creative and beautiful. What sets Zoltan Redl-Nagy apart is his love and empathy for people, which allows him to create images that are as breathtaking as they are inspiring. He is dedicated to making everyone look and feel beautiful in front of his camera, blending dreams, reality, imagination, and technical skills to create truly unforgettable images.

Zoltan is an exceptional videographer who can capture the magic of any occasion, no matter where it takes place. Whether it’s a wedding in the middle of the Nevada desert, a grand family event in a fancy Vegas restaurant, or the breathtaking Hotel Vitznauerhof in Switzerland, Zoltan can bring out the best in any setting. His remarkable cinematic style reflects his artistic approach, which will surely surprise you. Zoltan offers videography services for weddings, fashion shoots, special events, engagements, and music videos, and he is available to travel anywhere in the world to help you capture your special moments. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to book a videography session or learn more about his video packages. Zoltan would be happy to help you create lasting memories you will cherish forever.

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